fshrimp loops challenge


How did I start?


Well, I started to make these little animated pieces while I was doing an internship in New York. (I AM doing now when I’m writing this!) A friend of mine asked me if I want to stay with her in a student dorm in Brooklyn, and I was like, why not? She didn’t charge me much and there was more than enough of food (although eventually I didn’t make it to cook much)- I decided immediately and drag all my stuff to the place.

But after I got there, I realize that we only had one card key (no way to duplicate) so that we need to schedule our time for coming home. Meanwhile, her family and her friend came to stay with her as well, and of course tourists wouldn’t go home early…

So yeah, I went to the studio everyday at 9.30 am, but I couldn’t go home until like 10 pm. It was super exhausted but I have nothing to complain. Also, since my internship project is in 3D, I need to stare at Cinema4D the entire day – I really need to draw something in 2D or I’ll explode. And here is where fshrimp man comes into place.

It’s another story about how I created this mysterious character…I will explain it later on. Anyway, since I don’t wanna go home in midnight Brooklyn (note that I need to take THE BUS!!!!! home), I need to finish the piece ideally in 3 hours. That’s why I get rid of my perfectionism (My mentor Peter Chung said that to me – don’t let perfectionism get in your way!) and just do it as quick as possible. I intended to cut the frames in a range of 12 to animate (um ok obviously I am doing more and more cos it’s not always enough to tell the story) so that the tiny project is more manageable. It will probably get more complex for sure in the future, but for now, simple is the best.

Outta surprise this unplanned project has got lots of feedbacks from friends and they are so encouraging! If you like this project, do make comments because it really does make me want to create more. It’s ongoing, and I’ve made up my mind, if I have um, 20 of these? I will create a fan page on FB and make him published!! (maybe, just maybe…) What do you think?

(fshrimp loops sounds delicious)


p.s I figure it’s better to write this blog in English but I believe I sound funnier in Chinese. (I said so)Please ignore any grammatical mistakes cos it’s not the point…You get the idea!

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