SWF Project


So this summer I’m working with three other people on this 3D project, Speak With Fire. It’s coming along!

SWF is the promotional film for Idea Rocket. The story is about a journeyer who finds a fertile valley, but fails to convince his people to traverse to a better land. As he turns to the medicine man who speaks with the fire, he wins the villagers’ hearts and minds.

0729_Happy ValleyHappy Valley-Pre040729_AppleTreeVillage-pre02 Village-pre010729_Running 0729_HappyCity copy

Yesterday was a big disaster finding out technical problems with switching between C4D and Maya (we planned to do character modeling/ rigging/ animation in Maya, and set modeling, lighting and rendering in C4D)…It seems that the easiest is to do scenes separately in each software. So I basically have to learn literally everything required to do a animated short in C4D!

Challenge, baby, challenge…

Meanwhile I’m working on other project, combining 2D animations with live action.

Concept-1 TestFrame-2-4 (1) TestFrame-1-4

Both projects are giving me lots of freedom and I do appreciate that. (Especially when it’s paid…) I need to do some 2D stuff for balancing my days with a major 3D production (it’s a lot to learn and frustrating sometimes). I also work in my free time (fshrimp man) but I still do exercises and meet people, otherwise I’ll be dragged down by my emotional swings…

Remember to be positive! Draw, exercise and drink. Read, meet people, give yourself some treats. These things are essential in the survival kit for a workaholic like me.

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