So long! NYC



So, I left NYC for Taiwan at the end of August.

It has been three full months that I spent an awesome time there with friends old and new, enjoying the chill vibe (since I am half a visitor) and a brand-new lifestyle. Comments about that city vary, but for me it’s perfect- a hodgepodge of different cultures that I was never tired of gazing; a gigantic music venue that all those singers and bands I’ve been following for years come in and play; a place in which you choose your own style to make a living, you are curious and full of thoughts, you are a free spirit.

I spent three weeks for ‘Jessie Gunn’ project, produced by KSK Studios. It is still under color correction so I cannot share it right now, but I do like this project a lot. It’s fun and straight-forward, and I did whatever that came into my mind, adding accents to the motion, trying to be more creative yet not interfering too much with the content. My boss Manny and Sharan are the exact kind of nice people that I would love to work with in the future.


A peek of the studio:


(They mostly do food commercials in live action here, so yeah, a PRO kitchen that every housewife dreams of)



SWF project

Former article about SWF project


Since rigging took us so much time fixing, the animation schedule was dragged behind…So, the last month I tried my best to render every scene that I put together with final lighting. Good thing about Cinema 4D is that it renders fast with default lighting and the result is good, so it’s very handy for style frame testing. For the final, I did look for lighting references and try to learn more about the essentials. This article helped me a lot to figure out exactly what I wanted:


FREE TUTORIAL: 10 Tips for better lighting in Cinema 4D

But, I used volumetric lights for the ambience and I turned on Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination in the render settings, so it took a lot longer than test version in the last post. (Learned these tricks from Mt. Mograph, real good tuts for C4D and mo-graph) Since I was never trained in Lighting before, it really took me some time experimenting different lights and rendering methods…And here are the results:

S001_03 S002_04S006_19_1S005_14 S003_11 S007_21

BTW, we also did a photo day! (I failed to pretend serious a couple times lol)

C-05 06 05 04 03 02

TBH I stayed at the office very often after work, drawing my Fshrimp loops…(and got to know the cleaning lady so well) This is the best working space I’ve got so far!  Please don’t tell my boss!! (He wouldn’t mind tho)

OOOOOOh I want one of that sexy 27-inch Cintiq so bad!!! You know what to get me for birthday now.




This last frame is a summary of my stay! (Physical sky time zone set to Taipei lol)

So long, big apple. Hello, home!


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