Me and my assistant

范姜仲萱 (Chung-Hsuan, FAN CHIANG)

a.k.a. fshrimp (friedshrimp) or Ginger.

You are probably wondering what this Shrimp Character is about…

This little dude existed in my life since I was 10. I love doodling but I did not create him. He’s always there. (Still trying to figure out where this came from…)

I found my interest in animation after college and I did an MFA in Taiwan (TNNUA) where I made the first short film about the shrimp man. Then, I went to University of Southern California (also MFA in animation ) in Los Angeles for one year, and did internships in New York, making more pieces of this character. Somehow this shrimp man led me to Paris and I’ve been working in animation until now.

I am creating more of his stories and hoping that one day he will show up on the big screen!

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