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“SPEAK WITH FIRE” Development

This is a 3D project (Cinema4D and Maya) that I have been doing this summer. It’s a promotional video for a commercial company, telling a story of a journeyer persuading his tribe to traverse to a new land .

For the first month, I did storyboards and concepts:



Color palettes for the entire film…Thanks for my mentor Robert Kopecky, he gave me good advice of how to narrow down the color palettes I need, and how to connect the tones between scenes.


(My boss didn’t say anything about the farting shrimp man in the character  , but he did mentioned that ‘oh I like his hair’.)

Fertile Valley

Ideal Valley

Environment of the “Fertile Valley” and “City” — you did not just see an egg!





The second month we started to model the characters and backgrounds. I did the backgrounds in Cinema4D and rendered some style frames for the meeting. All with default lighting. (Looking quite ok)


0729_Happy ValleyHappy Valley-Pre040729_AppleTree   0729_Running  Village-pre01 Village-pre020729_HappyCity copy


Here are some rendered results after lighting:

S001_01 S001_03S002_04S003_11 S005_14 S007_21S006_19_1 S008_22

You may take a look of the makings-of in my blog post here.

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